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Get to Know Us!

Brownies were not the original reason for the Dulce Dates Company, relocating to a warmer climate inspired this wonderful treat! Although we may bring back some of our original sweets like Stuffed Dates, our goal is to deliver a beautiful presentation. 
There are approximately 20 million people who are gluten sensitive and 1.8 million who are celiac.  The founder herself was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity that triggered this journey.  Experimenting in her New Jersey home in 2020 she not only discovered a hidden talent but an incredible array of desserts she could bring to market.  A dear sister inspired her to sell to the community which quickly became popular.  A year later Dulce Dates on-line sales went live.
All Dulce Dates Company treats are made with Medjool Dates which replaces all processed sugars. All of our ingredients are thoughtfully selected to create premium fresh products using whole nutritious ingredients from brands we trust. 
We are mostly plant based but many of our customers love the milk-based Belgium Chocolates we drizzle some of our desserts with.  We will identify those in the description for those completely plant based.